Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Along with the cardigan I bought yesterday, I also purchased this skirt. I love the pattern and length of it, I have a tendency to hate all long skirts - no idea why. In the middle of taking these photos I was attacked by a wasp, I think it wanted to nest in my bun, I just heard buzzing in my ear and completely freaked out, and I even dropped my camera as I ran into my house (it's fine though), haha pretty traumatic experience.

jumper - zara
skirt - primark
boots - mum's 
necklace - france

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Eagle's Throne

Went shopping today and bought this cardigan, along with a cute skirt but I'll do another outfit post with that :) The cardigans so warm and I'll probably end up wearing it all autumn and winter. The boots are also a favourite of mine, from aukoala - check out their website if you get the time!

cardigan - tk maxx
top - zara
boots - aukoala
shorts - charity shop

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Update :)

Just a little video with my sister... and a lot of rambling about nothing :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Well I haven't blogged for a week (if anyones actually noticed :/) and that's because I went to the South of France for a week with my family. The weather was boiling and I miss it already, coming back to half rainy england isn't very appealing :l Here are a few random photos from my trip:

some photos of me...
Place where we stayed, spent far too long by the pool :) Aha just noticed myself walking with a ball...
Infinity pool! 

Trying to balance myself on my spiderman lilo... strange :L
BN's are the best biscuits ever! Even took some home with me :)
yum, i had a habit of taking photos of my drinks when away...

me and my sister - she makes me look so pale, but she has been on two more holidays than me ¬_¬ and then some random bracelets to fill the gap :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Une Maison

Hiya! So today I took some photos of my outfit, and this will be my first outfit post on my new blog, hope you like it. It's a simple outfit as it's not particularly colourful, however I think it's just as effective :)

top/ jumper - primark
shorts - primark
tights - h&m (i think)
bracelet - forever 21
rings - random highstreet stores

oh and sorry for the lack of photos, it was a bit cold and rainy so only got to take about 5 :( xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Recent Purchases

Okay so this is my first post and therefore expect nobody to see it. However, I thought I would make one anyway as I haven't done an outfit post yet and to see how weird blogging like this is. So basically I will use this to blog about anything, and it will be more personal than my tumblr and may include too much writing. I will get on with my post about things i bought recently then :)

jumper which i've worn already, bought it on sunday from primark and it was only like £15. i have to admit i normally dislike these preppy cardigans and the baseball jackets but this one was so cute, plus didn't look too tacky so yeah.

shorts from forever 21, they are like wool they're so cute. but in store there was another pair that i loved, may have to go back and buy them too. i really do own  too many pairs of shorts though :(
it's like a sweater/ holey jumper from primark, it has fringing at the bottom but you can't see :/ mm it's cute me gusta
bracelet i got from forever 21. kind of overpriced £10  for a bracelet but maybe i'm just used to charity shop/ primark prices aha. oh and i got a henna tattoo of a hummingbird in london yesterday, looks kind of orangey here as it was taken yesterday, it's darkened a bit overnight though :)

and to finish a strange photo of me, apologies for the face ehe :)