Thursday, 8 September 2011

Le Renard

Here is my fox dress, which was an extremely cheap £6 :)  i admit it looked quite horrible on the hanger and looks much nicer on - i was excited because primark have started to do size 6's haha. anyway hope you like, and thank you all for following - i'm going to do one of those follower giveaway things when i reach 200 :) xx

dress - primark
cardigan - my mum's
boots - my mum's

oh and my bun looked a bit like a croissant today:S xx


  1. Amazing! I love your blog and style !

  2. great! why didn't you share your blog on tumblr/lookbook earlier?

    xx, Lillith

  3. That is so unfair. Nearly every pretty looking out of mum's closet.

  4. hello!
    i'm anna from germany and i'm really impressed of your looks.
    I saw one of your looks on lookbook and now I follow your blog.
    maybe you would like to check out mine?

  5. thank you everyone for commenting! xx

  6. Your outfits are so adorable. A look I wish I could pull off! I'm so glad I came across your blog! :)