Sunday, 27 November 2011

be running up that hill

Mmm so thought I'd do another outfit post, seeing as I've found a new 'spot' if you call it, well my landing basically. It's so much easier than going outside so it will do for now :) Today I plan to revise, do homework, apply for sixth form and write a letter of application for work experience... wish me luck on my exciting day. Haha, anyway lookbook is entertaining so I guess it will counteract from the boringness of todays tasks hehe

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chaque Jour

Today I went shopping and bought these lovely velvet leggings :) They are so soft and just perfect hehe. I also bought this jumper which was a cheap £14, although my leggings were only £10 from tk maxx. Yesterday I ordered my red velvet litas for Christmas and I'm excited for them to arrive - as you can tell I like velvet at the moment... Anyway here is a photo of my outfit from today, a bit different from the usual outside photos!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

19th November 2011

Today was cold, but not quite cold enough to wear my fur coat :( I went up to Camden with my friend Ann-Marie as I had been asked to do an interview at the roundhouse theatre about fashion blogging. Beforehand, we did some shopping of course, and found this blazer.. a bit old-manish but I dress like an old person anyway haha. So after some lovely churros we headed down to the roundhouse and I was interviewed in the middle of the street (well by a wall). It was fun, and partially hilarious due to foreigners seeing the big camera equipment, and assumed I was famous, leading to them getting out their phones and taking photos of the set up. Anyway, a busy but surprising day :) xxx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bisous xo

Umm so today I went to chelsea again with my friend Elena :) We were meant to be taking photos for her new online shop which will be up soon - I'll keep you guys updated. Anyway today was good, and I finally got to take out my lovely new bag! Now I am going to make myself some tea (maybe green) and sleep for a long time, I'm getting way too lazy these days :o So the point of this post is to show you some photos from today! I will upload to lookbook tomorrow probably, as I posted one earlier for a bit but decided I would edit it a bit differently. xxxx


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Chelsea :)

Today I went up to Chelsea (central London) to take some photos with my friend Elena. I was going to wear my new fur coat I received for my birthday, but the weather was better than expected so instead I opted for a couple of presents I got last Christmas (the furry gilet from River Island and the cashmere sweater from Tk Maxx - which incidently featured in my very first look, now deleted!). It's amazing to see how much my style has evolved from then, even though I'm wearing some of the same clothes. When I got home I found some lovely cupcakes that my mum and sister had got for me from costco, as a late birthday present. Just had a chocolate one and it was muy delicioso!
Also went out for dinner this evening, as my sister is back from uni for the weekend. Currently stuffed full of bbq spare ribs :) Here are some photos from today: