Saturday, 19 November 2011

19th November 2011

Today was cold, but not quite cold enough to wear my fur coat :( I went up to Camden with my friend Ann-Marie as I had been asked to do an interview at the roundhouse theatre about fashion blogging. Beforehand, we did some shopping of course, and found this blazer.. a bit old-manish but I dress like an old person anyway haha. So after some lovely churros we headed down to the roundhouse and I was interviewed in the middle of the street (well by a wall). It was fun, and partially hilarious due to foreigners seeing the big camera equipment, and assumed I was famous, leading to them getting out their phones and taking photos of the set up. Anyway, a busy but surprising day :) xxx


  1. I really like your blazer, looks good on you <3

  2. I love all your looks so much ♥ ♥

  3. Your outfit so cute,I love especially your jacket^^

  4. I've just discovered your blog and i'm lovin' it hahah
    Why have you been interviewed? That's so cool!
    Next time i'll go to London I'll ask you for some charity and the cheapest shops in your lovely city...

    Did you enjoy churros? A long time i haven't eaten them... and i'm from spain x)
    following u!


  5. I love your outfit, and that blazer is supercute :)
    And I also love your friends jumper :)
    xoxo, visit my blog :*

  6. That would be so awkward. haha. That's really cool that they thought you were famous though. I would have freaked out. Cute outfit! I love the blazer.
    A Little Burd Told Me..

  7. i love your style more than ice cream.
    great, as usual. <3

  8. Your blazer is so gorgeous!! you look lovely:)xx

  9. Beautiful pictures, I like your blog a lot!