Saturday, 28 January 2012


Amazing trousers/ leggings I received from Romwe for this month! Aren't they lovely? Well I think so anyway haha, they're highwaisted too and something I don't have anything like in my wardrobe - which is a change as I always tend to buy very similar stuff. Sorry for not blogging as regularly, I've had science exams which have dragged on for what seems months, but after this weekend I will be able to blog more frequently again yay! I don't know about the lipstick.. spur of the moment decision as it was lacking colour a bit, anyway hope you like the outfit and thanks so much for reading xxxx

ahahah decided i wanted to be a duck instead? :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rose Street

Is officially my new photo spot haha, it's in Covent Garden and is easy to get to :P I apologise for not blogging as frequently anymore but I have some exams coming up soon and so much school work, nevertheless today I made time to blog yay :) My new shoes are from kurt geiger and were a relatively cheap £50, my new favourite purchase along with this red/pink jacket which i think is a rose colour? - fitting for the name of the street. It was so cold out today so decided to wear my furry headband, hope you like my outfit <3 x


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Your Eyes Lie

Back on the stairs :) Today I'm wearing my Your Eye's Lie t-shirt! Unfortunately we have school tomorrow so I'm not in the happiest of moods, regardless hope you like my outfit and thank you all so much for reading!

Immi's Closet

For a while I've been thinking about selling some of my clothes as I generally have too many. I have decided to make an ebay shop to auction off some of my stuff. My first item will be my famous fox jumper which I featured in the look 'Bulls on Parade'. Have fun bidding guys! Click the banner above for my first ebay listing!

*Please click here for the ebay listing of my vintage fox jumper*

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Berry :)

Hello everyone, I haven't been very active lately so thought I'd do another one just to catch up. The photos are taken just in my garden by my sister, it was understandably freezing without any tights on - the things I do for lookbook! Our bichon was getting very restless inside, but my sister got some cute photos of him attacking our patio door (see below :P). The dress I'm wearing is from Romwe and I love the cute bow detail :) The bun is back with a vengeance after numerous attempts to recreate it - I had a feeling my hair had got too long for it, but I was proved wrong. This is my first look with my new litas from Christmas - I hope you like! Thank you all for reading xxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Born To Die

Hiya everyone! So sorry that I haven't blogged that much lately, but I have literally had no time with Christmas and revision looming. Today I spent the day in Covent Garden with my friend Elena testing out my new lens, and I also bought a massive man jumper from Rokit - there was a sale :)  The gold jumper I'm wearing is from, who also kindly sent the dress I wore on Christmas day in my previous blog post. The velvet blazer is one of my favourite new wardrobe staples, sent kindly by - I love the colour and it goes with everything, it's by the brand One Teaspoon. The shoes are new also, bought for only £20 in the River Island sale. So anyway, enjoy the photos and thankyou to my 500 followers!

fish face hehe