Sunday, 22 April 2012

Battle For The Sun

Happy Sunday everybody! My Sunday consisted of eating some chicken, vegetables (despite my general dislike of them, unhealthy I know), feeding my dog chicken, taking some lookbook photos and (will) consist of some homework hopefully. Sounds fascinating ahaha. The lovely people at olive clothing sent me these two items a few weeks back, and I haven't got round to wearing them until now! The shirt is such a simple piece, and although you can't see it in the photos here, there is some scallop hem detailing which is cute haha, the skirt is also amazing quality, and a lovely bright pattern too. Hope you like my outfit, and sorry about the strange garden photos, I just took them after the outfit photos! xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Hiya everyone, sorry for the lack of posting, I have so much work and revision to do so can't post as often as I would like to :( An outfit post will follow tomorrow hopefully, I was at school today for maths revision (only my school would open on a saturday -_-) so when I got home the lighting was terrible, so no outfit photos. Although, I managed to take some self portraits inside, *vanity* ahaha, it was a last resort, they didn't come out too badly just a bit random! Anyway, hope you are all having a lovely weekend, thankyou for following and reading my boring life? :P xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Heart Shaped Glasses

Hiya guys, another outfit post from today! I decided to wear my sequin collar shirt from romwe with some shorts from zara - not too sure about the colour of them, they're kind of minty-blue. Oh and plus the bun is back again ;) I think my hair changes colour, whenever I put it in a bun it looks so much darker than it actually is! Anyway, today will be full of english work and revision, whilst attempting to not get distracted by the new ipad in our house... hmm will probably end up doing less revision then planned as always! Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hiya guys, just a quick outfit post to say Happy Easter to you all! These photos were actually taken yesterday as I went up to London with my friend Ann-Marie. We decided to take them at Somerset house (no idea why :P), we shopped a bit and ate way too much food/ pringles. The shirt is from an online vintage store called Shoppalu, check it out if you have time. The colour is amazing, along with the material - they sent me some other items too and I can't wait to wear them either! I decided to wear red shoes, which are not what I usually wear as I don't really like wearing flats too much. Although, in this outfit I feel they particularly suited it! Happy Easter all xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Paris Video Diary

Hiya guys! It's me again, rambling on about Paris. I decided to put together all the video clips together from my trip, hope you like it :) xx P.S. sorry if it's not the best quality, youtube made it funny :( x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Paris - Day 2

Hiya guys! Will add more photos to this a bit later, but yes this is what I wore on day 2 of me being in Paris. It was a lovely day, me and Elena went all the way up the Eiffel tower, which was amazing! (Despite my slight fear of heights!) It was a very memorable experience and the views were lovely. That day we did so much walking, seeing various landmarks which are pictured below. Wish I could go back to Paris! Hope you like my outfit xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Paris - Day 1

So as you probably all know for the last 3 days or so I was in Paris with my friend Elena. Since I took so many photos (850 to be precise), it makes it easier if I space them out like this - so here is the outfit I wore on day one and a quick summary of the day. After getting the eurostar we arrived at the hotel, which was lovely, unfortunately I do not have any photos of it :( We then headed off to the gardens and went a bit crazy with some sprinklers (when i upload the video it will explain this :P ) Anyway, the leather jacket is from SheInside, the shorts from River Island (only £10 woo), and the white shirt is from Romwe. Altogether it was a day full of sight seeing and exhaustion by the end of it! xx