Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mint and Studs

Hiya! Woke up to this lovely package this morning from Jovonna London - check out their store, they have such cute stuff :) The shirt is perfect for spring/summer plus it has a studs down the collar and all down the front, when they asked me to pick an item I knew instantly I wanted it hehe. Anyway, whilst taking these photos I managed to nearly get attacked by bees in the blue bush behind me, fortunately I have survived to tell the tale, and post the photos. Hope you like the outfit xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lace and Green

Hiya guys! I wear these shorts too much in the summer, but they've always been one of my favourites - lace and hearts, what's not to like right? Anyway, today I had a 2 hour English exam in which I ended up rambling about Euthanasia ahaha, oh my creative writing skills :P The top is stolen from my sister (apologies Becky, if she sees this) and the shoes are the JC foxy's I've been wearing in my last post. I got the claw bracelet from oasap the other week, and it goes really well with the silver spikes on the back of the shoes (even though you can't see them!) Hope you like the outfit xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Hiya everyone, it's been so sunny still in London so lots of opportunities to take photos yay! Anyway, I got sent this bralette (or whatever you call them :P) from MotelRocks and decided to wear it with my black leather skirt. Although black isn't the ideal colour for this heat, I wanted to match my new shoes which I will wear at every given opportunity. Hope you like the outfit, must go and do some work xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Majestic Horse

Hiya everyone! The weather in London is amazing at the moment, sunshine yay - apart from the fact I'm stuck in doors working most of the time, aside from the occasional garden revision session hehe. Oh and I forgot to dry my hair today haha so excuse the fluffyness of it :/ Anyway, in my last post I spoke about how much I loved Lovelysally leggings, so they decided to send me the pairs I mentioned - *yay*.  The ones I'm wearing here are The Majestic Horse leggings, and I love them to bits. I never thought I'd be walking around with a horse on my legs haha! Anyway, I also received these shoes from Oasap earlier this week - The Jeffrey Campbell foxy spike :) What do you guys think? xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Hiya guys! I have been waiting so long to finally make this post, to show you the most amazing leggings in the world, I don't joke here! They were sent to me about a month back from Lovelysally, (check out their store!), and they are just perfect. The pattern, print and fit are equally as lovely, (unintentional pun?), but yes, hope you love them as much as I do! Other ones from their website I especially love are: The Majestic Horse, and Dark Clouds. You can find my ones here: Laotian Dusk. Today is full of revision, I have 6 exams this week :'( But yes, always time for an outfit post. Imogen xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Made of Scars

Hiya everyone :) Sorry that it's been so long since a proper outfit post, blame the exams :) Haha anyway, today it was actually quite sunny, so no tights it is haha, decided to wear a black top from romwe with a skirt to match, both with gold embellishment. The top has a necklace-like thing attached to it with little gold skulls, it's so cute, and the skirt I bought a while ago from primark, but haven't really had the chance to wear it until now. Oh and wearing my trusty red velvet lita's - can't imagine life without them ;) Hope you like the outfit! xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Prom Dress

Hiya Guys! Just a quick post to show you my dress. It was made for me by, I posted this on lookbook but decided to remove it purely because it's not the actual way I'm going to wear it for prom, the colour of my shoes was annoying me, sorry for all those who hyped, I really do appreciate it :) Nevertheless I will keep the blog post up, purely to show you what I am planning on wearing to prom, what do you think of it? Poofy or not too poofy? Haha, I think it's just the right poof, and although I was unsure about the light green band in the middle, I think that it actually gives it some colour and suits the shape well. Hope you all like the dress! xxx

P.S it's definitely more pink in real life, it's like a pale pastel colour haha, sorry the photos don't show this, they were taken in the evening so I had to up the contrast ridiculous amounts :/