Friday, 31 August 2012

South Bank

Heya everyone, today I was reunited with Elena yayayay. It had been so long, I swear it was over a month or something ridiculous! Haha anyway she's moving to a different school for sixth form so we won't be seeing each other as often which will be weird, but hopefully we will still talk just as much haha. Anyway we took one of our trips up to London and went to covent garden of course, I managed to re - purchase my hat from H&M after I sadly lost it forever :'( We decided to take some outfit photos as I needed to wear this blouse for a company (how bad is it that I have forgotten which one.....). Forgetting that this is what I wore, I need to stop wearing my cowboy boots it's making me obsessed hahaha, next thing you know i'll be posing with a lassoo idk.. xx

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hiya guys!! It feels like I haven't 'spoken' to you in ages haha I hate not blogging often :'( I will have to get my act together and start posting every 1/2 days until Wednesday when I sadly go back to school :/ This week I haven't been doing much, apart from the occasional piece of homework and going up to London a few times with friends which has been nice :) Hows everyone's summer going?? Anyway getting onto the outfit, I just wore this peter pan collared dress from Romwe with black 'lita' style boots and styled my hair up in a bun. I feel like my style varies so much, one day I can go from dressing quite girly like this outfit and the next to wearing all black haha, but that's how I like it. Hope you all like the outfit post xx

Friday, 24 August 2012


Hiya everyone! Yesterday was GCSE results day, I managed to get 8 A*s and 4 As so yayay!! In result of this my mum bought me these lovely boots haha, I've always wanted cowboy boots - when I was younger I had some lovely ones but sadly I grew out of them. These were £90 from office, and although it's probably much more than I would ever want to spend on shoes (I'm cheap I know), they're the best replica I could find :) I paired them with my blue shirt and knitted skirt from Primark and a hat from H&M. I hope everyone got what they wanted in their exams and hope you like the outfit xx
More photos will be added later sorry I'm in a bit of a rush x

Monday, 20 August 2012

See The Light

Good evening everyone :):) Today I went to see my friend Christine! Firstly we ate - strawberries, grapes, and marshmallows with chocolate and pizza to follow, because we are that healthy ;) we did have a side salad if that counts? After we went to the park to take some photos, it was sunny and the photos came out well so yayaya even though manual focusing is somewhat stressful. GCSE results day is on Thursday eeeeeek, I will keep you guys updated, I'm preparing for the worst haha! xx
This will be posted on lookbook tomorrow :):)

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Heya everyone, yesterday I got back from Italy! It was a lovely trip, bearing in mind the weather was so hot it wasn't really an opportunity for outfit photos. Nevertheless here are some photos of my trip, we stayed for 8 days, the first night in Pisa and then we moved to stay in Tuscany for a week. We visited various places, including cute little towns and of course Florence :) I hope you like the photos! xox PS thank you to all who hyped but I removed it from lb (bad immi). :P new outfit post coming soon!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Heeeyyaaa. Today it has been kind of hot/cold, when I took these photos it was quite cold but now I'm hot so idk the weather is strange, and I have taken off the tights ;P Anyway this blouse arrived this morning, and when opening the package I was pleasantly surprised! The blouse is called the 'Imogen' blouse on the Darling website, so I guess it's fate... right? The detailing is so cute and unique, I haven't seen many pieces like it, and it's different to many of the shirts I own considering I don't own any this colour. Oh and ciao :) I go on holiday to Italy on Friday morning so this will be my last outfit post for a week! xxx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

7th August

Oh dear, I have been so unimaginative for titles recently that I have resorted to the date! Nevermind, it's the content that counts haha. Anyway today I realised that I could infact use my 50mm lens on self timer so yayayaya i'm v happy as it means I can use my dslr for outfit posts again and I can post more often! Despite the hassle of manual focusing it's worth it :) I'm going on holiday in 3 days but I'll only be gone for a week, just in time for results day - eurgh.. Anyway today I put together this outfit, not very special or anything as I wasn't even planning to post it as an outfit but to test the focus! xx