Sunday, 30 September 2012


Heya guys! In my last post I mentioned that I received some new items from chicwish, and this post is dedicated to two of my favourites! I have never looked so 'girly' haha, the petticoat skirt I have wanted for ages, it reminds me a little of the american apparel one - which was a bit too pricey, well I just didn't want to spend that much. So gladly I was able to receive this one, which is equally as cute. You can find the link *here* and the bobble jumper to match *here*. The jumper was also one of my favourite items from them as it will be perfect for England's annoying and often freezing -1000 degree weather to come. Hope you like the outfit :) xx

Friday, 28 September 2012


Hola, Bonjour, Hallo! This is a bit of a random outfit post, this dress is my sister's from primark, and it's surprising that you can often find such great pieces in there - even though in a few days/ weeks you will see just about everyone wearing it on the street, well hopefully not anyway. I love the dress, the top velvet detailing is so cute :) Anyway hope you like the outfit, more photos will be added tomorrow seeing as I haven't had time to put them all together yet. Also planning on doing one or two outfit posts this weekend as I just received such cute pieces from chicwish! xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend

Hiya guys! Yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend with Elena and Ria. Luckily we got into the catwalk show so that was good, but they seemed to have got rid of  quite a lot of stuff there and it was all laid out quite strangely! Regardless it was fun and hopefully it will be better next time. Here are some photo's from today, sorry I'm not writing much the weather is depressing and is making me lazy! Oh and I will be putting the rest of the photo's from my photoshoot with Edric Chen up soon! Anyway here are some photos of my outfit and some of my favourite outfits from the catwalk :) xx

Monday, 17 September 2012


It  has been too long! Sixth form has taken over my life haha (not really but I need an excuse!), but in seriousness getting back in to the whole school routine has left little time for lookbook - except for Saturday's. This Saturday was such an amazing day! Firstly I was reunited with my best friend Elena and then we got to do a photoshoot with Edric Chen. He has shot some other 'famous' lookbookers like Bethany, Peter, Edward and Kani so it was great meeting him. The photos turned out great, I'm going to have to post them in two lots as they haven't all been emailed yet but here are ones of me in my first outfit. It's quite a simple outfit, a lace crop top and black trousers, but I think it really suits the setting. Anyway after me and Elena headed off to a fashion show, where some one recognised me from lookbook so that was cool! Hope you like the photos xx