Monday, 29 October 2012

Modelling Competition

Hiya guys!! On Saturday I took part in 'Croydon's next top model' which was in association with Storm and I won - yay. It was such an amazing day, although very tiring. First we got to try on our outfits which were put together by a stylist, I wore a black dress (I've never worn anything so long!), but it fitted well and was from zara which is one of my favourite shops. We got our hair and makeup done too, I was given a fringe, which was so different to my normal hairstyle but I actually quite liked it. On the day there were two other contestants, and we had  to 'compete' in a catwalk, I had to wear size 7 shoes which were so big for me, so my walk was admittedly not the best! Surprisingly I managed to carry them off and actually won! It was so exciting as the prize was £250 of shopping vouchers and a test shoot with Storm modelling agency, I also get to be part of the photo campaign for my local shopping centre. Overall I am so grateful to have been chosen as the winner as it has opened many doors for me and was just really fun! Thank you to everyone who came and supported me :) xx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Storm Modelling Competition

Hi guys! I've been short-listed as one of the final 3 girls in the "Croydon's Next Top Model" competition tomorrow. I'll be on the Runway tomorrow at 3pm at Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon, and it's being judged by the model management company Storm Models! I'm really looking forward to it and if you happen to be in the London area come along :) Xxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Velvet and Bow

Hiya everyone! Yesterday I went shopping with Elena and Christine to Brick Lane, the markets on Sunday were so good (scary at times, admittedly) but I managed to buy a cute pair of shorts, and this hair bow from rokit - which I am obsessed with at the moment. Originally we went to american Apparel to check out the sale, I didn't find anything to buy but someone recognised me from lookbook/ blogspot which was so cute! Then we ate lots of chicken, Elena spent all of her money and we went to the bridge to take some photos. I love the setting, it's so pretty and London-y if that's a word haha anyway hope you like the photos! xx


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Reindeer Jumper

Heya!! Today I wore my new jumper from awwdore, a really cute store so if you have time you should definitely check out some of their items. I was able to choose a few samples from them, and one of them being this jumper. It fits perfectly and is also so comfortable, I can't often say that about pieces that I love in my wardrobe - fashion over function/comfort is sadly normally the case. But not for this one so yeah I was very happy when it arrived in the post! I'm wearing my H&M jeans which I bought last year and have lasted me ages along with my red velvet litas which will always be a favourite :) Happy Sunday I'm off to write a long English essay about 'The Bog of Cats' and 'The Penelopiad'... unfascinating xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Beaded Collar

Hiya everyone!! I don't say this enough but thank you for reading and commenting, I always love hearing your feedback even if I don't reply to it all - sorry! Anyway on with the outfit post, the other weekend I was extremely happy when I opened up a package from sonextyear, they stock some of my favourite brands :) I still have more items from them to show you but first I have decided to show you guys this lovely dress by the brand Love, it is so perfect in my opinion. I love the beaded collar detail and the fact it is backless makes it all the more amazing, I have been searching for a dress like this for ages and I have been lucky enough to have been sent one. Hope you like it as much as I do :) x


Thursday, 4 October 2012


Heya! Here is my second set of photo's from my photoshoot with Edric Chen. Not sure why but whenever I upload them to lookbook the quality decreases :'( So I guess they just best belong here on blogspot ;) Anyway the dress is from romwe, after seeing a few bloggers wear it I decided to order it with my allowance :) The blazer is also from Romwe and I've been wearing it so much lately, especially due to this whole suit/blazer uniform rule at my sixth form. Hope everybody is having a good Thursday! xx