Saturday, 24 November 2012


Yesterday I came home to a lovely package from awwdore - one of my favourite sponsors! In it was the fluffiest jumper of all time (no joke) haha. Anyway today I was made to stand in the freezing cold and rain for about 4 hours so the jumper definately came in useful :) I decided to wear it with my highwaisted jeans which were from primark, I was so lucky as they had nearly sold out in the shop but had one size 6 left! If you are a size 6-8 like me I would definitely recommend opting for the smaller size, as although they look tiny on the hanger it's only because they are so high waisted... that probably didn't make sense but I know what I mean. Hope you like the jumper as much as I do, and isn't it weird seeing me inside? It was way too rainy to take photos inside so the kitchen was my last resort, the photos didn't come out too badly though, yay! xx.

and speaking of fluffy things, Joey got a new haircut last week!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Snow Leopard

Heya everyone! Sorry for this long break in between posts again, I was ill last weekend so couldn't do an outfit post :'( The weather has been getting colder, which means time for fur! Fur has always been one of my favourites, I received this jacket last year sometime, courtesy of boozt but never really wore it that much as it was towards the end of winter. Recently I also received this leopard print skirt, which has a graphic design of a leopard's face on it, something that I wouldn't normally go for, it's pretty short but has sewn in shorts underneath so I guess it's a skort. Anyway, I had a little brainwave and decided to pair these two items together, the colours and patterns match perfectly (in my opinion haha) and it's such a cute winter outfit :) I promise to post more and I have a few more outfit ideas in mind! Hope you like this one xx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Mustard and Bow

Hiya everyone! It has been far too long since a proper outfit post, but this half term has been a bit crazy. First with the competition, then with my birthday (and halloween of course) and at the weekend I will be going to oxford to visit my sister so today was the only day I was really able to take some photos :'( Nevertheless I will show you the (cutest?) dress in the world, at first I was torn between getting the light blue and the mustard, but I'm so glad I chose the mustard, with it being autumn and all! Admittedly I have developed a slight bow obsession/craze, whether that will wear off or not I do not know - they just seem to make everything that little bit cuter and just adorable haha. I will stop rambling about bows now and show you the photos I took today, hope you like them! xx