Monday, 31 December 2012


Happy (nearly) new year everyone!! I hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight, I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I'm wearing :) I bought this dress on Boxing Day in the sales, it was down from £45 to £25 and I had seen it in Topshop before, and already really wanted it so obviously I was happy to see it at a much cheaper price haha. Anyway I love the velvet material and the sequin detailing, it makes for the perfect NYE dress... Plus I have been wanting to do more lookbook posts without having any sponsored items so I can show you guys what I actually buy with my own money and show you more of my style I guess! I will be spending the evening with my friends and celebrating the coming of 2013 yayayyyyyyy. Also I can't believe I'm nearly at 20,000 lookbook fans, so crazy!!! 
P.S. I am making my list of new years resolutions as I type..... :)

Friday, 28 December 2012


Happy Friday!!! As I am blogging much more frequently now I find it so hard to come up with interesting things to say, and original openings..... There isn't really much to say about this outfit except the fact that these shorts are amazing!!! Originally I was a bit put off by the length, as they are basically hot pants so are on the very short side, although I think they look fine if paired with thick tights, especially woollen ones in the winter. I am also 'obsessed?' with fur headbands, possibly an exaggeration as I only own two different ones at the moment but I find that I am constantly wearing them in the winter months as I find them a lot easier to wear than hats. I also included a close up photo of the shoes I was talking about in my last blog post so yes :):) I am now off to the cinema with my mum so toodles xxxxx

peace to my followers??? ahaha please excuse the awkwardness ;)

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Bonjour followers! Thank you for all your comments on my latest blogpost, they were all so lovely and I actually managed to reply to most of them yay :):) Onwards with this post, it features a red pleather skirt from awwdore with a beige cardigan/jumper. Technically it's a cardigan but I decided to button it up and then wear a white shirt underneath, and by the way it is as fluffy and warm as it looks haha! This is a typical outfit I would wear throughout the winter months, sticking to my skirts and then just layering jumpers and tucking them in, and black tights of course. Also this post features my new shoes from office, they're basically jeffrey campbell replicas, although I already own a pair of fake black litas, these ones were only £20 in the office sale and are such good quality!! I would really recommend them as they are such good look a likes and are really comfortable, much better than buying any off ebay aha. I didn't manage to get a close up photo of them but I will definitely show you guys in one of the next outfit posts I do. Hope you like the outfit! xx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Elisa Berger Photoshoot

Hiya alll!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas :) I have definitely, as predicted, eaten way too much food. On a positive note, I went to the Boxing Day sales today and it was quite crazy, but I managed to buy a velvet dress in the topshop sale and then some shoes from the office sale so it was indeed quite productive :) I was going to show you the items I bought today in a lookbook but I wanted to put together this post instead with photos taken a few weeks ago. I went up to London with my friend Angelina and we did a little photoshoot with Elisa Berger - although it was so freezing!!! Unfortunately when we were waiting for her, I got bird poo on my new white skirt and the ends of my hair - it was a fairly tragic time, but the KFC toilets saved me haha. Anyway after that we spent the day in London and we met up with some of our other friends from school and then spent the evening wandering around London looking at all the pretty Christmas lights :):) Hope you like the photos! Let me know what you think! And you can like her facebook page *HERE* xx
P.S. yesterday I reached 19,000 fans on lookbook! Thank you all so much! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Red Velvet Xmas

Happy Christmas Eve!! Today it was the day to get out the red velvet :) I ordered this red velvet dress a few months ago from Romwe and it's the cutest thing haha and matches with my litas which I got last year as a Christmas present. Today I will go to my Nan's house with my family to celebrate Christmas Eve, involving lots of food and maybe some early present opening haha. Apologies in advance for the lack of photos in this post, my internet is being weird and I'm in a bit of a rush! I hope everybody has a lovely Christmas Eve today and an amazing day tomorrow! I can't wait to get my new camera and eat lots of food :):) Xxxxx
P.S. Thank you for all your lovely comments recently!! Sorry I don't always reply but I try my best :) xx

duck face ? ahahah :)

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Happy Saturday!! Sorry for the lateness of this post, nevertheless it has finally been done. I'm going to try and post nearly everyday in the Christmas holidays as I have been so behind on blogging with school and broken internet etc. Anyway enough boring you guys with my problems haha today I featured this lovely dress from market hq, which stocks some of my favourite brands! The website is definitely worth taking a look at and I saw earlier that they have a pretty decent sale on too. I decided to wear it with my new fur headband - the first time it's been photographed! I bought it about a month back from Rokit in covent garden, a vintage store which is sometimes overpriced but I managed to get this for only £12. I already have a black fur headband but I wanted another new addition for winter :) Hope you like the outfit! xx
P.S. what do you guys think of my new blogspot header? I love it and really wanted a change!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Pastel Shades

Hiya!!!! Only 4 days until Christmas yayaya. This year I have asked for a new dslr as my nikon d40 is sadly getting very old, so yeah anyway this means that at Christmas I will be able to take lots of photos (hopefully better quality) for my blog, so yes excitement! Haha apologies for my absence, my internet was broken for around 2 weeks so I had no access apart from on my phone and at school, stupid virgin media.... Now it's back I have lots of new looks to post, I decided to start with this one, taken indoors again due to freezing conditions haha. The mint backpack I got around 3/4 weeks ago from romwe, the skirt is from a brand called 'Lashes of London' and lastly my shirt is from awwdore :) I already have a pleated leather skirt from primark, admittedly not the best quality and the waist band on my primark one looked pretty cheap :/ So I was extremely happy when I ordered this one, I just think it looks a lot more expensive and I just prefer it in general! I will stop with the rambling, basically hope you like this outfit and I will have a few more looks up before Christmas, enjoy :) xxx