Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Elisa Berger Photoshoot

Hiya alll!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas :) I have definitely, as predicted, eaten way too much food. On a positive note, I went to the Boxing Day sales today and it was quite crazy, but I managed to buy a velvet dress in the topshop sale and then some shoes from the office sale so it was indeed quite productive :) I was going to show you the items I bought today in a lookbook but I wanted to put together this post instead with photos taken a few weeks ago. I went up to London with my friend Angelina and we did a little photoshoot with Elisa Berger - although it was so freezing!!! Unfortunately when we were waiting for her, I got bird poo on my new white skirt and the ends of my hair - it was a fairly tragic time, but the KFC toilets saved me haha. Anyway after that we spent the day in London and we met up with some of our other friends from school and then spent the evening wandering around London looking at all the pretty Christmas lights :):) Hope you like the photos! Let me know what you think! And you can like her facebook page *HERE* xx
P.S. yesterday I reached 19,000 fans on lookbook! Thank you all so much! 


  1. the pictures are so beautiful!
    Your style is amazing ;o

  2. gorgeous photos, you look so pretty!
    love your outfit as well

    ellie xxx

  3. amazing hair <33

  4. Replies
    1. awww untrue but thank you so much!!!! x

  5. Beautiful pictures darling. <3


  6. Apparently its good luck to have a bird poop on you! Believe it or not, hehe :)

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  7. Gorgeous photos! You look amazing! xxx

  8. You are so pretty, it shouldn't be allowed! Does that shirt have clouds on? It's really cute haha xx

  9. cute blog! Just letting you know I've featured one of your looks on my blog, check it out if you can! xxx

  10. amazing photos! the photographer have really captured the moment :))

  11. your hair is gorgeous!!! you look lovely!!!!i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~

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