Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hiya guys!! Sorry for the lateness of this post, I honestly had so much English work to get through today and unfortunately essay writing consumed a lot of my time :( There is always just enough time for a cute outfit post, contrasting from yesterday's outfit I decided to wear lots of lace. This skirt is such good quality and I haven't seen one like it, it kind of looks like I'm wearing two skirts at the same time but actually it just has a lace hem sewn on underneath. I also love the colour, I'm starting to prefer wearing brown a bit more seeing as I now own my lovely cape which is kind of the same shade :D Aside from that I'm just wearing my boots from oasap and a lace blouse from chicwish. The perfect lace outfit, well in my opinion anyway hahah thank you for all your feedback recently, I always love reading your sweet comments xx
P.S. apologies for the lack of photos, the lighting was terrible!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Velvet Leopard

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!! I'm so thankful it's Saturday, this week has definitely dragged on. Today I went shopping in the morning and picked up a few items and this is what I wore, except I swapped the heels for some slightly smaller ones haha. These Zara leggings are the comfiest things ever and they are velvet, oh and my scrunchie is velvet too - even though you can't see it :( Recently I have discovered a love for scrunchies (weird, I know) but they are just so soft and lovely, no exaggeration. Haha and I am also wearing my new jacket from choies, it's pretty simple but I know I will wear it all the time, leather does get a bit boring now and again. That's all really, hope you like the photos :) xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013


Hiya guys!! Today I was off school again (well technically school was open but I had my own snow day instead) haha and decided to make the most of my lovely snow backdrop... which will most likely be gone in the next three days :'( I wore my new jumper from awwdore and a skirt which I bought in the Zara sale a while back, probably not the most practical outfit but it looks pretty with the snow and I can just throw a coat over it if I need to :) I also made some good use of my 50mm lens whilst attempting some 'artistic nature photography'?? Haha, hope you like the photos! xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day

It has finally snowed here in London! On Friday we got sent home from school early and it's meant to be snowing all weekend - according to the weather forecast ;) It was definitely finally the time to get some good use out of my cape haha it's fur lined so perfect for keeping you warm (despite the obvious lack of sleeves) - and also it's so soft!! Tomorrow I tend to take my bichon for a long walk in the snow and attempt to make use of being stuck at home i.e. do all of my work.... Not much else to say really, hope you are all enjoying the snow :) xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Holaa!!! Hope you are all having a great weekend :) If you are wondering about the strangeness of the title I was fed up of writing 'bow' and 'black' and 'fluffy' and whatever else I could find to describe the outfit, so alas I opted for the title of a song by a brazilian metal band and I just thought it was pretty funny so there you go :) The adorable shirt from *awwdore* I received in the post this week, I can safely say they are great quality and always have good designs, as I have to wear a uniform to sixth form which involves a compulsory collared shirt I'm sure I will end up wearing it loads. It is also such a cute design with the cut out patterns and sort of frilling? I'm not really sure how to describe it haha!! The boots are from *oasap* and I have wanted them for ages, they have quite a high platform but are surprisingly very wearable and comfortable so would definitely recommend also! This week I went back to school so haven't been able to do any blogging - got so much work and it's just eeerughg hguh. Oh and new addition to my bow family if you notice... this one's white and velvet from this *ebay store* - so cute :3

Oh and I have filmed so many videos to upload so expect one coming soon! I will also be doing a haul from the Christmas/ Boxing Day sale time x

Friday, 4 January 2013


Heya :D This morning I woke up to my package from so decided to take some outfit photos of this skirt and top! They match so it looks like a dress but I found them on the website and thought it was quite cute and unique so immediately knew what I wanted when my monthly allowance came through!! I also got some cut out boots which are a dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes... soon to be featured in an outfit post :) Anyway on with today's outfit, when my sister saw me she said I looked like Jackie Kennedy (hence the title) and therefore I went on to google image her style, and strangely enough it was kind of true haha. To complete the outfit I wore these sheer heart print tights (which don't come through very well in the photos, sorry) and some simple black heeled boots. I love these new items and I can definitely see the top coming in very useful for school xx