Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Happy nearly Wednesday..... :) I posted this on lookbook on Sunday, but here is another outfit post from the weekend! I mentioned in my last post that I bought a few items from Zara when I went shopping on Oxford St. and this green jumper is one of them. These photos do not do it justice, it's like kind of a velvety material, I'm not really sure but it's so soft and lovely haha.  I don't usually wear green but this was an exception, even though I kind of look like a walking Christmas advert or something, bit late for that in February. The shorts are vintage and I bought them a couple of years ago, still come in useful though. Let me know what you think. Oh and 400,000 page views has been reached........ what?! thank you! xx

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Aloha! Was meaning to post this last night but fell asleep! Yesterday I spent the afternoon in London and went shopping, and managed to take some photos of my outfit before I went out :) I bought a few cute items from Zara which will probably be making an appearance on the blog soon. Anyway here is the dress (technically my sister's) but I bought it for her as a present haha (well, bought in terms of donated my store credits) but yeah it was hanging in her wardrobe and I couldn't resist. I love the detailing on the collar! It's definitely one of the better Romwe pieces in terms of quality and it's a pretty good fit too. I'm being lazy with the amount of photos, sorry! I promise to have more up next time, but I am too stressed and tired about exams to even bother ;P xx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Evil Twin

Heya!! It's officially half term, sorry for the lateness of this post! I had to post on lookbook a bit later too as it still has a few errors going on or something. But yeah, here is my new look, with a dress/cape thing by the brand Evil Twin. I didn't really capture the back of the dress in the pictures unfortunately, but basically it's a plain black dress with a cape that buttons up at the back :) It's quite different from anything I'd normally wear, but it's a really unique piece which is perfect for a nearly all black ensemble... complete with hat. London finally had some sun yesterday yay!! Which meant that I could finally resume to taking photos outside for a bit, it does get a bit tedious and boring when having to pose inside by a wall all the time. Hope you like the photos! xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mountain 2

Hiya guys :) Today I had to get up at like 7 or something ridiculous for a trade fair, so admittedly I am not in the best mood/ over tired when writing this, Saturdays are meant for sleeping!! :( I got this new crop top from ebay which was really cheap, only about £4 or something, but yeah I always love wearing them with highwaisted skirts/shorts and because it's long sleeved it's really versatile for the winter/spring which is a bonus. This mountain skirt was from Motel last year, it's one of those pieces that you can't wear too often as it's quite a statement, but nevertheless I am rewearing it on my lookbook ;D It's half term now, although I have some revision to be getting on with, I will definitely be blogging more often in the next week, so keep an eye out for more posts xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jour (Deux)

Heya :) Just finished putting these photos together, I actually took them at the weekend (twice actually), I decided to reshoot them as the lighting was so bad the first time, but luckily it was find the second time round :) Anyway enough of boring you with my 'photography' troubles, here is the cutest jumper in the world *LINK* which is from In Dress Me. I don't even particularly like cats, I'm definitely more of a dog person - however the glasses just stole my heart and I had to order it! I decided to just wear it with some jeans, these are the highwaisted ones from Primark and I would really recommend them as I said ages ago, so much cheaper than topshops and basically the same thing :) These are a recent purchase because I decided to buy them in black too. Hope you like the photos and I tried to post on lookbook but there is a bug I think, lost 50 hype in a minute #sadtimes xxx 

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!! Just a quick outfit post to update the blog and can't believe I have nearly 1,500 followers on google connect now, so crazy haha. Thank you all for your support!! Here are just a few photos of my outfit consisting of a chiffon shirt with clouds on it and a yellow/gold velvet skirt. This velvet skirt arrived on Saturday and it is one of my favourite new additions!! I haven't seen one like it, I already own a red one like it but yeah, you can never have too much velvet anyway. I decided to pair it with a black shirt, just because I love wearing yellow/gold and black together, something that always works in my opinion :) Anyway enjoy and more posts coming sooon xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


As you can tell I am lacking inspiration for titles... I have resulted to 'Hayer'. Here are the last two photos that I will post from the shoot, I decided to make the last one black and white, idk why I just never have any black and white photos, so there you go :) I am currently sipping my orange squash comtemplating whether to start my german homework or not... probably will never, I am far too preoccupied with biscuits and lookbook for now, old habits die hard. Anyway enjoy the photos, thanks for your comments in advance!! xx

Monday, 4 February 2013


Hiya everyone :) It's so weird blogging on a school night but here you go, earlier I received these images from a shoot I did a while back, and thought one of them would make a cute lookbook :) It was the shoot that I won from that modelling competition and it was really fun and I am so pleased with the results. I don't want to post too many images at once because I am planning to post another one to lookbook some time soon! So for now here are two photos (probably my favourites) Let me know what you think and hope my huge face doesn't scare you in the second one ;) xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Hola ;) I managed to take some outfit photos yesterday before anticipating to leave the house... until I stepped outside and realised it was not weather appropriate. This outfit reminds me of what I wear to school on a daily basis with a shirt underneath the jumper, we are forced to wear 'suits' so this skirt is my solution for this :) It's also a really nice shape I think and is perfect for tucking in my jumpers which are always a bit too big for me. My parents have been away in Morocco for the past week so I have had to fend for myself.. involving taking public transport to school (the horror of waking up at 6:30 still haunts me) and actually having to cook myself food. Haha anyway they returned today and I have survived! Yesterday was my best friend Ann-Marie's birthday so we had a little celebration thing in the evening so that was cute too. Anyway here is my outfit and excuse the second photo,thought it was quite amusing, happily adjusting my hair ;) xx