Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring (+ Awwdore giveaway)

Hiya guys! It's finally the Easter holidays, but unfortunately they will be spent mostly revising for exams... but there's always room for some blogging. I have received quite a few new pieces from my sponsors in the last couple of weeks so will be showing you some of them, the first of it being my new pair of shorts and blouse from Awwdore. I feel ready for Spring/Summer, if only the weather would agree, it's still quite cold so tights/ a blazer was necessary :( Hope you like my outfit and enter the giveaway please! :) xx

The giveaway will last for one week so ends on the 5th April

Monday, 25 March 2013


Heya everyone :) Sorry I didn't have time to get this post up yesterday, but here are my new shorts from (lol). I have seen them around on lookbook quite a bit already but it didn't stop me from ordering them, I mean, what's better than highwaisted, velvet with gold embellishments? They are a little on the short side, so not very practical in that sense but they were too beautiful to say no to. The jumper I haven't featured yet either, it was from Romwe a little while back and you can't really see it very clearly but there are sequins all over it :) Hope you like the outfit! xx
I know I said there would be a giveaway today but I've postponed it until Thursday, too much work :'(

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Laid To Rest

Heya everyone! I have just finished eating some macarons and am ready to tell you all about my outfit ahah oh the unexcitement. I should probably stop ordering mustard things but I don't know, when I see them I just think ooh yellow and then I just give in. This jumper is from '' and fits perfectly, I am always hesistant to order one size items incase they end up being huge, but thankfully it was fine yay :) The weather has been extremely strange but at least it has forced me to stay inside and do some work and get on with blogging (me attempting to be optimistic). Hope you like the outfit! 
Oh and I have an Awwdore giveaway which will be posted tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hiya! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :) Yesterday I got to spend some time with my friends so the weekend hasn't been too bad - despite the ridiculous amounts of homework and revision which will probably never be completed. Anyway here is an outfit from today, comprising of my velvet skirt which I bought for about £2 from Primark quite a while ago and a new blouse from chicwish. I love the bow detailing on the shirt which is subtle yet very effective I think. The skirt, which is probably one of the least expensive items in my wardrobe ever is one of my favourites and you don't really see much silver/grey velvet around either which is a bonus. Hope you like the photos which were all taken this weekend, excuse the awkward posing of grabbing hair haha I felt like trying something new I guess xx

 Saturday with Angelina :) weird lips apologies

Sunday, 10 March 2013

One Two Three

Bonjour!! Here is my 123rd look on lookbook, not very inventive I must admit but I am trying to steer away from too many sponsored posts at the moment. Admittedly I do find it annoying when bloggers are just constant walking advertisements wearing every piece of free clothing possible, so for now I am trying to show you some more outfits which I entirely bought myself :) The cardigan I bought a while back from tk maxx but it's still one of my favourite pieces for cold/ depressing days and can add so much to an outfit. I decided to just pair it with a plain white t shirt which I got from Zara for about £2 and then some high waisted jeans from primark which were £12 if I correctly remember. So yes, an affordable outfit (apart from the JC Litas which were a present) haha, hope you like it! xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hiya everyone! Thought I would do a bit of a different blog post today, showing you some new additions to my jewellery collection, all of which I love! After a long day at school I actually managed to stay awake enough to take a few photos and edit them whilst listening to the best music ever and eating biscuits. I have to admit that these pieces are sponsored but nevertheless I think it's worth showing you guys, as some of these I would definitely buy anyway. The first three (all in the first photo) are from *Zara Taylor* who designs vintage inspired jewellery :) My favourite piece of them all has to be the blue opal ring - looking far more expensive than it actually is, what's not to like? The last photo features a charm bracelet and ear cuff from *Paccony* and a cute bunny ring from *Rings and Tings*. Let me know if you have a favourite piece and comment below! P.S. I have a (clothes related) giveaway soon! Can I hear a 'yay' yaaaaay xxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Hiya guys! A bit of a depressing outfit today, looks like I'm going to a funeral! Haha I wanted to try out something different as I always incorporate colour into my outfits so thought this would be an interesting challenge. I am wearing my hat from oasap again which I featured a few posts back. I always find it hard to find a hat that actually fits and suits me, so it was by chance that when it arrived in the post it actually did! This dress is actually my sisters (sorry Becky), from H&M but I was going to buy it myself anyway when it was out in the stores a few months back. Not much else to say, thank you for reading :) xx

Saturday, 2 March 2013


It's finally the weekend yay, I'm particularly happy as all my mocks are now over :) Despite getting up at like 9:00 (it's a Saturday, that should be illegal) I'm still in a fairly good mood and managed to be all organised in preparing today's lookbook. The outfit is quite different from my 'bun and dress' looks but it's what I wore today anyway, comprising of jeans, a blouse and my new-ish boots from choies. They are inspired by the Jeffrey Campbell 'Coltranes' which I have wanted for as long as I can remember, so when the opportunity arised to order them from choies I was so happy! What do you think? xx