Sunday, 21 April 2013

Richie Rich

It feels like a year since I have blogged - I hate school. I am currently alternating between German grammar exercises and writing this blog post but obviously German is second priority cos the cases should go die and they are evil and ahdassdah. Anyway yesterday I took some photos as I missed blogging so much - I found my prom dress in my wardrobe so got a little bit over excited as it was sunny outside :) The dress is by Stylestalker and I apologise in advance for looking like a moody biatch in some of these, I can't remember whether I was just really stressed or squinting because of the sun. Oh and I also think I'm having a mental breakdown because in the middle of taking these photos I started posing like a dog/ various animals but I will save you guys from that horrendous sight xxxxx 

Sunday, 7 April 2013


It's finally sunny, not that it matters as I'm supposed to be revising *sniff* *cry*. These photos were taken yesterday in this weird little spot in my garden, it doesn't look that nice in real life but always turns out so different in photos plus there are so many twigs and I get scratched and it's quite traumatic :'( I just ate my big(ish) Sunday lunch with my family and am preceeding to go and study Edward Thomas and his poetic ramblings about nature and trees and it's just so boring so I will save you from it! Hope you like the outfit, just a black pleated skirt from primark ages ago and then a lace top from :) xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Hiya guys! Sorry I wasn't able to post this yesterday but here it is today :) Yesterday I went to London with my friends and me and Angelina took some outfit photos outside the station. I wore my new(ish) skirt from She Inside with a white blouse and blazer. It was unsurprisingly cold so would have been better off with a proper coat..... fashion over function won in this case. Hope you like the photos and it's nice to have a different environment - there are only so many times you can pose against a white door ahaha. xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A tout le monde

Well today I have definitely eaten my body weight in food and bought unnecessary items of footwear/ accessories. Despite this when I returned home I felt obliged to take some photos and update my blog - words of a dedicated fashionista ;) The outfit is simple as always but I think it does have a nice silhouette and well, the bow is just a bonus.  More oufit posts will be up in these next two weeks, hope everyone had a great Easter and didn't die from the chocolate consumption - I have just eaten the head of my lindt bunny, no regrets. Au revoir xxx
Hope you like the outfit and make sure you enter the giveaway in my last blog post - it ends on the 5th April!