Monday, 20 May 2013


Hiya guys! Just a quick outfit post from yesterday :) I got my haircut on Saturday because I had been avoiding the hairdressers for like 3 years which developed into an irrational phobia as they always cut my hair wrong. It's not actually that different I just decided to cut off the ombre bit so my hair is in better condition! (Hope you guys don't hate me now haha) Anyway I'm wearing a red velvet skirt from awwdore and then a top from h&m, hope you like! xxx
I have a french exam tomorrow :'(...... I really need to start prioritising school over blogging :S

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I'm alive!!!

Just a quick reminder that I'm not actually dead yet.. incase you were worried or anything. Sorry for my lack of posting I hate exams, only 2 more left though which are French and Spanish. After that I am a free erm woman ? bird? I don't know anymore haha here are some outfit photos I took at the weekend whilst I was procrastinating before my German oral exam (which I completely failed) :'( The skirt is lace-y and from chicwish and the top is actually a dress underneath from motel rocks, I'm having one of those phases where I keep finding old pieces of clothing that I completely forgot about :/ - bad Immi and her lack of organisation. Hope you are all alive and well haha and if any of you are doing exams I wish you good luck (and sanity) :] xxxxxx
P.S. getting a haircut today pray for me omg so scared :'(