Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hiya everyone :) This half term I went to Paris and evidently took way too many photos. To state the obvious, it's an amazing city and never fails to look beautiful. We did so much walking in the 2 days we were there so luckily managed to make the most of our time. When we went on the boat trip down The Seine a really cute group of tourists came up to us and gave me a lucky charm as a present.  We also visited the set of some scenes from Amelie as I'm studying it in school. Lastly, apologies for my lame attempt at bokeh photography.. it was addictive. Hope you've all had a lovely half term if you've had the week off school, I visited Budapest too so will share some of those photos later in the week. Bisous, love, peace and such idk Xx

Monday, 10 February 2014

Floral in Winter

Aloha! Apologies for my Internet semi-siesta! I am going through a strange v. anti social media phase, but I should probably not include blogspot in this so-called 'campaign'. I am making 'ch-ch-changes' in my life, including actually doing exercise *shock horror who even is this person*. I am also listening to a ridiculous amount of Suede and actually eating more bread, which I used to hate but now sort of like, I am officially a new person *+*AURA CHANGES*+  (including my use of impromptu capital letters). Haha  in my attempt to get my life together I bought myself a lovely new camera lens... ignoring my quest to save my money, which failed MISERABLY :'( On top of that, I am typing this whilst I could have been at a lovely pre-London Fashion Week Topshop event in London, alas... the obstacle of school. Anyway less of my complaining, this outfit is indeed as fluffy as it looks! This weird monologue made literally no sense, hope you like the outfit idk Xx