Monday, 31 March 2014


Looking very formal and potentially bridezilla-ry in this blogpost - you have been warned :)  The lovely dress is from *+lookbookstore*+, obviously not something I would wear in my everyday emo life, but I couldn't not choose it for lace reasons - unfortunately, I am still battling my addiction. I have been particularly bad in updating my blogspot recently - but I am tending to post more on my lookbook account, so fan me if you haven't already! I have recently reached 30,000 fans somehow - merci beaucoup :* Hope everyone is getting into the spring spirit... I have been and will continue to hibernate Xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


It has been surprisingly sunny in London (as you can tell from the photos)! I'm also definitely happier about this than I look ;) Although I generally prefer winter fashion, I'm starting to dearly miss the 'tightless' days of shorts/ skirts. Hopefully soon this will indeed be possible, much love xx