Monday, 28 July 2014

Video Interview & Blogging Adventures....

Heya everyone! I just thought I'd share with you two 'things' I've done fairly recently. The first was a while back but exams caught up with me and it was hard to fit in time for blogging - the Shopcade style battle :) I was the first winner! The second is something I did a few weeks back - I took part in Cage City meets - which was such a fun day :) Here are some of the photos/ videos from the two days - apologies for the CRINGE that I am in the video hahahahaha. It's important for you to know what I'm 'actually' like - incapable of human contact and 100% a hermit in my own right. I also was interviewed by Fran from Made In Chelsea at the Shopcade party - my inner 'fan-girl' per se was *+dying+* to come out. Anyway, here are some photos etc. - much love Xxx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

English Summer ♥

Heya everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely summer. England is stereotypically rainy and this week has been no exception, thus I have been forced to adapt to these compromised conditions - it's not as dramatic as it sounds, I literally just put on a pair of knee high socks and a cardigan. Hope you like the outfit - black and white as per usual, definitely more suited to wandering the streets of Paris than strolling around my back garden before dinner ;)  Love and rain from London Xx