Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Life Update ft. Bunny Backpack...

It's been the longest time since I've actually compiled a blog post so apologies if I am slightly rusty hehe. Not much has changed except from the fact I am now 21 and older than ever before. The last time I posted I was ready to go on my year abroad to teach in Germany. Lol well I had to go home for health reasons but on the plus side I'm now on a year out and have lots of time to document my monotonous lifestyle and outfit choices <3 Since it's been so long I've made some collages of the last 3/4 months. The main pics are of me in Durham in my bunny backpack/ pink coat, both of which my boyfriend bought me from ebay for my birthday. V 'kawaii' as one would say, much love xxxxxxxx
(Also I mainly update on instagram now http://www.instagram.com/immids but will also be using my blog/ maybs lookbook this year)


  1. That bunny backpack is adorable and I love the pink jacket! Hope you have a fab gap year b sorry about Germany but maybe it wasn't meant to be. All your pictures are all so lovely xx


    1. Thanks, such a sweet comment. Yeah you're right, just gotta keep a positive attitude :) xxx